Why Buy our Farm to Fork Meat Boxes?

Buying meat boxes direct from farmers and butchers is progressively becoming more and more popular with consumers in this country. With the developing focus in this country on regenerative farming and ethical meat production people are increasingly looking to buy nose to tail from the farmers that produce them.



When purchasing from Telfit Farm you can have a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of what you buy. We are so proud that our truly free range meat has such traceability and the trust this develops between us and our customers is one of the reasons why people who try buying farm to fork, keep coming back again and again.


At Telfit Farm we are focused on ensuring that the finest quality of our product possible this is helped by the amazing terroir of our land and variability of the ecosystem at Telfit Farm. Our meat is as natural as can be.

With rare breeds that can hardly be found in this country anymore, such as White Park Cattle and Middle White Pigs (as well as our wonderful local Swaledale Lambs, our products will be like none you will have tried elsewhere.

Ethical Meat

For Telfit Farm livestock no expense and pastoral care are spared throughout their lives.

Our Middle White Pigs and White Park cattle are reared for nearly twice the industry average in terms of length of time to develop. This creates the wonderful flavours that are associated with our products. Most commercial livestock farms are focused on rapid turnaround of livestock, often at the expense of both their animals and ecosystem.


Our low stocking numbers and focus on our regenerative farming practices ensure that nature is at the forefront on our biodiverse livestock farm. Buying our meat also creates shorter supply chains from producer to you lessening your impact on the planet.


Whilst our meat may seem to be expensive compared to that you find in a supermarket, the value of our products we believe is much better. Firstly commercial meat production loads enormous costs onto our planet, not borne directly by people but shared amongst us all none the less. Also by buying nose to tail boxes you can ensure that there is no waste left in the system. All cuts of good meat are good to eat! This way we can also cut the cost to you as a meat buyer. less waste, less cost.

Our grass-fed beef and lamb is far healthier for you as well as the environment with higher omega 3 levels and lower saturated fats. Even our Middle White pigs eat grass! We at Telfit Farm believe people should eat less but better meat. Better for them and better for the planet!


All of our meat comes pre prepared vacuum packed and ready to be frozen down in your freezer. Our boxes are delivered to your door in wool lined insulated boxes ensuring our products are the freshest possible, ready for you to defrost as soon as needed!

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