Freezing Telfit Farm to Fork Meat Boxes

Why freeze free range meat properly?

Poor freezing of quality free range meat leads to leakage of juices and with it flavour when defrosted. This can be detrimental to both the flavour and the texture of the meat!

How to freeze and defrost Telfit Farm meat

The key rule to freezing and defrosting Telfit Farm Meat is to freeze as quickly as possible and defrost as slowly as possible!

Always ensure when adding your nose to tail ethical meat box to the freezer that all meat has its own space available to it so that they freeze fast. Once frozen try and ensure the freezer remains a stable temperature!

When you want to eat your ethically sourced meat plan in advance and allow good time for the meat to defrost slowly in the fridge. With a large piece of Telfit Farm pork this may take 2/3 days! When possible with Middle White Pork it would be advisable to leave it a further day or two out of its packaging for it to dry. This gives you the perfect crackling!

Grass Fed lamb and beef also benefit from being allowed to dry but our free range pork does so in particular!

When you receive your free range meat delivery ensure that it is frozen in the best way possible to get the most of your meat delivery!

To eat your Telfit Farm sustainable meat now

If you are in a hurry to eat your meat add to cold water in its bag to get the drost process started. The water increases the conductivity around the meat without heat damaging the fibres of the produce!

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