Our Ethos

  Through Telfit Farm, we envisage building a place  in which people can have a real connection with nature and the most magnificent environment Britain has to offer.

 The people belong to nature and nature belongs to the people. As nothing but custodians of our land we feel duty bound to protect and enhance all that is under our care. there are 3 key ways in which we intend to do this:


 Secondly, many of our livestock that we keep on the farm are extremely rare. Through keeping these wonderful creatures at Telfit we can preserve their existence and maintain diversity in our farming landscape. These rare breeds have been in decline for many years, simply for the fact that they grow slower and smaller than many of the commercial breeds found today. Scant care is given for the heritage and true character of many of these breeds. Little thought is given at Telfit to such things as time, we have plenty on our hand and so do our livestock!

 Thirdly, meat has been given a bad rep throughout the last few decades. Whilst there are many environmental consequences to mass commercial farming, many of these issues do not apply to smaller more natural farms. Many environmental campaigners have exalted the virtues of a vegan diet, whilst much of this is true, this still misses one key point: much of our land is truly unsuited to growing crops, just try it in our rocky soil! There is still a place for non intensive farming, people should be eating less, better meat not no meat.